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"We Fix Your Sewer Pipe For Good"


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"We Fix Your Sewer Pipe For Good"

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Patented Pipe Lining Technology Fixes Your Sewer Permanently.

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Residential & Commercial Pipe Lining

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SLB Pipe Solutions, LLC

We Fix Your Sewer For Good. SLB Pipe Solutions offers trenchless pipe lining technologies that is designed to lock out roots forever and installs in just 1 day without disturbing your property. The epoxy resonated liner is flexible and custom cut to the exact specifications of your particular sewer pipe and is completely seamless. Once put in place with our special inversion machine, the liner cures leaving a rock solid, seamless new sewer pipe that roots will not penetrate.



Clean The Pipe

First we scour the existing pipe clean to prepare for the new liner. We do this by blasting the sewer pipe clear with a hydro jetting machine that clears the sewer of roots, grease, and dirt.



Install The Liner

We then cut the liner to the proper length, soak it with resin, and load it into our special inversion machine, we install it using air pressure, and the we let it cure for 4 to 5 hours with a special bladder.



Video The New Pipe

We then run a camera through the new lining and record it revealing a brand new clean and seamless pipe that has sealed for good all cracks, gaps, rusted areas and joints. A Brand New Pipe!

Nobody Should Ever Be Digging Up Their Yards Anymore

Here Is Our Sewer Pipe Lining Process


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Trenchless Pipe Lining For Homes & Businesses

We have installed sewer liners in virtually every type of old sewer and drain pipes. There really isnt any pipe that it won't work on. As long as the pipe is not severely collapsed trenchless lining can be used and the product is guaranteed for the life of your home.

Cast Iron Sewer Pipes

Old Cast Iron Sewer Pipes are prone to rusting out, cracking and breaking. Additionally over time the joints begin to leak inviting microscopic root infiltration that then matures to full blown root blockages. Our patented pvc infused liners has no joints or seams and will lock out roots for good. The liner will bridge major crackes and breaks with ease.

Clay Sewer Pipes

Clay Sewer Pipes are very common and are become very brittle over time. They crack and deteriorate with age inviting root infiltration and also have joints that leak attracting roots. The liner will seal all cracks, holes, joints and breaks leaving a rock hard and smooth seamless new sewer line that wastewater will flow fast and cleanly through.

Orangburg Sewer Pipes

Orangeburg is another common sewer pipe that was popular throughout the 1970's and 1980's. These old sewer pipes have a life span of only 20 or so years before they begin to crack and deteriorate. We have installed our liners in 100's of old orangburg sewer pipe fixing them for godd and insuring roots will never get inside the sewer pipe again.

Storm Drain Pipes

There are many different types of storm drain pipes including cast iron, pvc, concrete and other materials. It really doesn't matter what material the broken or cracked storm drain pipe is made of. The liner with adhere tightly to it and cure into a perfectly smooth rock solid new storm line. The resin cures shiny and smooth increasing the flow rate of the original pipe to insure fast drainage.

Roof Drain Pipes

Our lining process is very popular with roof drain pipes as these ppes are usually embedded inside finished walls. Before pipe liing was an option, the only way to repair leaky roof drains was to cut open the finished walls and completey replace the pipe. This is time consuming, disruptive, and expensive. The new pipe would have seams that are prone to leaking again. Our lining system has no seams.

PVC Sewer Pipes

PVC is cheap and readily available at any local hardware store. As a result sometimes plumbers will dig out a section of damaged sewer pipe and stick in a length of PVC. This is only a temporary fix and is certain to lead to another problem down the road with roots infiltrating the joints. Our liners work well with PVC sealing all joints and given the pipe added strength and integrity to insure you have no more problems with the cheap PVC pipe.


Why Is Sewer Pipe Lining Superior To Digging?

The obvious benefit is there is no need to bring in heavy equipment and destroy your yard but this is only the beginning as to why trenchless pipe lining is the preffered method of sewer and drain pipe repairs today. Other benefits are:

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    Cost Effective Solution

    Because there is no need to dig up your property or tear down structures that may lie in the path of the existing sewer pipe like slabs, driveways, porches or garages this can save you a lot of money that would be spent repairing sturctures and relandscaping in a traditional dig and replace method.

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    Completely Seamless

    This is one of the greatest benefits about choosing trenchless pipe lining. Leaky joints are the number one cause of root infiltration that leads to major sewer line failure and blockages. Because the liner is 100% seamless, there is nowhere for leaks to form and attract roots again down the road.

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    *Guaranteed For Life

    We stand behind our liners with a *50 Year Guarantee against product failure or defects. Should you ever a have a problem with our liner we will come out and fix it for FREE. Because the pipe lining method is so fast (installed in one day) and easy to install, you can be insured you will not be having any problems with your new sewer line. In the highly unlikely event that you do, we will come out and fix at absolutely no cost to you.


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We have used our pipe lining technology to rehabilitate all kinds of sewer and drain pipes for homes and businesses alike. Before you bring in the backhoes and tractors give us call and find out more about our simple and economical solution to your sewer or drain pipe problems.